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Powerslide Phuzion 3 Girls II Inlineskates - Verstelbaar

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De Phuzion 3 Girls II biedt uw kinderen maximaal skeelerfun. Met een simpele druk op de knop kan de skeeler gemakkelijk worden aangepast binnen 4 maten, zodat uw opgroeiende kinderen er vele jaren plezier van hebben. Een bijzonder kenmerk van deze skeelers is het unieke ontwerp. In tegenstelling tot commerciële kinderskeelers is Phuzion 3 gemaakt uit één stuk. De teen en de hiel zijn verbonden door uitrekbare SBR materiaal. Dit geeft een betere pasvorm aan de skeelers, omdat overlappende delen worden vermeden. Andere hoogtepunten zijn de robuuste aluminium balk en de snelle PU wielen met veel grip.

Artikelnummer AS940167
Merk Powerslide
Sport Skeeleren

Extra informatie

The Alpha shell was designed withlightweight and support in mind. It is made out of a specialcomposite compound that is nice and stiff thanks to the 15%fiberglass, which was mixed into the material. This makes this shellespecially strong and supportive.

The cuff was designed with lightweightand support in mind. It is made out of a special composite compoundthat is super stiff thanks to the 15% fibreglass, which was mixedinto the material. This makes this cuff especially strong andsupportive.

Thiskids skate comes with a unique 3 layer padding, harder foam on theoutside for the support, softer foam on the inside and an additionalL-shape latex foam in the ankle area for a perfect ankle and heellock to increase support during every stride. Under the lining weadded soft sponge foam for extra comfort and support. The padding ofthe tongue is 3-D shaped, following the shape of the foot.

We added a comfortable innersole whichprovides maximum comfort.

The Phuzion 3 kids skate features anylon/mesh upper and standard round laces. One special feature of thePhuzion 3 kids skate is the one piece construction. The toe parts andthe heel part of the boot are connected by stretcheable SBR material.The fit of the skate is more tight and snug compared to regular 2piece constructions.

Superior stitching quality andtechnical features like the front flex cut guarantee a perfect fitand support of the skate at all times. The rear of the skate alsofeatures a carrying strap.

The frame of the Phuzion 3 kids skateis made out of a two-piece construction, two separated aluminiumstamped sidewalls, connected together with a strong and solidmounting block. The frame is made out of aircraft 6061 aluminium tobe strong yet lightweight. It is designed to be super low with a lowcentre of gravity. The size of the frame grows with the shoe sizes weoffer to give the kids the best possible set up for easy handling.The frame does not only look great but also offers great stiffnessthanks to additional internal reinforcements. The frame uses 8mmaxles.
The wheels grow with the shoe sizelike the frame does. Phuzion 3 kids skates are equipped either with70mm or 76mm wheels featuring a strong and unique 6-spoke X-typecore, perfect shape and radius for an excellent push and stride. Niceamount of PU over the core to take away shocks and vibrations of the roads.

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