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Salming Aero Plus Bal 4-pack - Meerkleurig

€ 11,95
Exclusief verzendkosten: € 6,95
Geoptimaliseerde balprestaties met uitstekende vliegeigenschappen. Bestendig en duurzaam.
Model Aero Plus Floorball
Artikelnummer AS41RCEH2U
Barcode 7340076030932
Kleur Veelkleurig
Merk Salming
Sport Floorball

Extra informatie

  • Aero: ballistic perfection
  • App. 1800 optimized dimples on the surface texture for superior air flight.
  • Stable and predictable ball flight through a reduction of aerodynamic drag, which preserves the ball speed for a longer time.
  • Fusion polymer: A highly advanced polymer that maximizes velocity and control. Our R&D team has created a unique fusion of polymer materials, which results in a soft superior feel and a predictable ball flight.
  • Duo X-bar: The inside of the ball is balanced and stabilized through a duo cross bar and stabilizer construction around the two center holes. The result is a more stable ballistic ball flight stick well stick a more even hardness and bounce.
  • Surface texture: A smooth silk surface on the area that get in contact with the blade creates great ball handling.
  • Roundness: Through a unique tooling design and manufacturing process - Aero plus has a superior roundness which provides greater accuracy and ball flight.
  • Unique manufacturing process: The Aero floorball is injection moulded and mirror welded through a 100% automized process, utilising the most advanced production technique available.
  • Quality certified: The quality control and testing are probably the toughest there is on the market. The result is a durable and perfected Aero floorball.